Youth Empowerment Programme

Youth empowerment is a process of capacity-building needed to partake in society. It means youth participation in formal and informal decision-making, but also the participation of young people in society, through access to education, employment and health, as well as to resources. Empowering young people means allowing them the opportunity to make responsible decisions that affect their lives – allowing them to be active agents for development and change. The aim of the Youth Empowerment Programme is to serve as a medium through which young people will be given tools to understand issues that are influencing their quality of life and become empowered to take action. This programme incorporates a series of project initiatives for young people both at national and local level. These initiatives aim to enable young people take further control of their lives, become motivated and develop further their own learning and resourcefulness to take up further studies, improve their employability skills and take action in the community to bring about social change. 

The National Programme The Local Programme