Tahziz is a creative writing programme that targets young people between the ages of 16 and 30 who like writing and would like to sharpen their skills both creatively and technically.

The programme varies from one edition to the other to suit the needs of the young writers, although the content is generally similiar. Tahziz spans a period of about one year, during which writers attend 3 residential writing seminars, and it culminates in a publication of the writers’ works during the programme duration. The publication is inaugurated during a ceremony where the writers are also given the opportunity to present their own work.

Participants for this programme are chosen after they have submitted a motivation letter, written cv and a specimen of their work. They were asked to deposit Eur 50 to confirm their participation, which was fully refundable at the end of the course.

Tahziz is one of Agenzija Zghazagh’s projects in collaboration with Ghaqda tal-Malti – Universita’. Agenzija Zghazagh is responsible for the administrative and financial aspect of the programme, while the writing expertise is entrusted to the able hands of Ghaqda tal-Malti – Universita’. Year in, year out they put together a programme which retains the positive from previous editions, to be innovative at the same time.

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