Gozo Youth Summer Programme  14/08/2019
Gozo Youth Summer Programme

Wednesday 7th August marked the end of the Midweek Team sessions, held at the Youth Hub in Gozo. The themes tackled during the sessions were: Me, Myself and I, Health/Unhealthy Relationships, Social Media, Healthy Lifestyle and Mental Health. The sessions consisted of fun games and activities all related to the themes.


The young people wrapped up the sessions by choosing a theme that they had worked on in the previous weeks and find a way to raise awareness among the public. They chose the themes of Mental Health and Social Media and decided to use social media to send a message to all young people who are going through a difficult or challenging time.
NEVER GIVE UP, JUST SPEAK UP! was the phrase that they came up with and also encouraged young people to speak up by using Kellimni.com which is a free and confidential online support system for young people.