End of Dance Summer Programme 2019  28/08/2019
End of Dance Summer Programme 2019
During the 7 weeks Summer Programme, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ South Youth Services was presenting another jam-packed summer programme for young people. The programmes and activities had been developed together the young people over the previous weeks. The summer programme started on 9th July and was hosted at the Kottonera youth café.
The young people participated in one or more of the following programmes which were called Creative, which incorporated Drama and Dance sessions for two different groups, Adventure, Radioimmaginaria and Volunteering. This article will focus on the Dance programme.

During the dance programme, young people had to prepare a chorography themselves, work as a team and finish the choreography in a timely manner so that on the 7th Session they would perform it in front of the public. During the sessions, there were team building fun activities, discussions and planning of what young people would like to achieve during the dance programme. They achieve different type of skills, like leadership, time management, team work and much more.
During the third session they chose the theme, which was seeing the ability and not the disability. Their last session and final performance had been held at Mtarfa Day centre for people with disability. Young people showcase their Dancing abilities to people with disability and people with disability show case their abilities to the young people. This was an experience to see the ability and not disability. Thanks to Agenzija sapport and the Leader of the Mtarfa Centre Jacqueline Tabone (third person from the left) for giving this opportunity to the young people.