Youth Information and Counselling Services  18/09/2019
Youth Information and Counselling Services
Youth information and counselling services provide high quality guidance to young people and help them make decisions to lead their lives constructively. These services have also a remarkable preventive function that constitutes a great added value to society. Despite the importance of youth information in supporting young people to achieve their full potential, it is still difficult for many youth information and counselling providers to effectively promote and reach the vast majority of young people that do not take advantage of these services.
In order to respond to this need and to ensure that youth information providers count on the tools and skills needed to succeed in reaching as many young people as possible, Agenzija Zghazagh in collaboration with ERYICA and other partner organisations is developing innovative resources for YI service design connected with current youth trends and needs. This includesdigital tools and face-to-face approaches to reach out to more young people, namely those from disadvantaged groups.
The project will aim to support youth information structures in optimising youth information services and establishing efficient strategies and tools to reach out to more young people, especially those at risk of exclusion. The project involves a lot of intellectual outputs as mentioned here under:
1.      Desk research considering current youth trends/needs and collection of examples of innovative YI service providers
2.      Focus groups with young people who will be involved in the production and designing of the tools;
3.      Online course on innovative YI service design Toolkit to design innovative youth information service aiming to reach out to more young people, including quality indicators and measures; and
4.      Innovative youth information design pilots (3-5 pilots) that will test the resources developed at different stages;
5.      Work with young people to test the pilots, throughout the project and multiple times where possible.
The project aims at broadening understanding of practices and policies in youth information internationally and at enhancing the modernisation and effectiveness of youth information services. As such, these goals match the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme, by intensifying – moreover – networking on European level and supporting youth inclusion, youth participation, and young people’s access to rights.