Mind the Gap  29/11/2019
Mind the Gap
‘Mind the Gap’, a campaign which hosted a good number of young people on different days, from Higher Education Institutions in Malta and Gozo providing an eperiential experience to ensure a better understanding of benefits and opportunities of learning mobility.
‘Mind the Gap’ kicked off with a train tour around the 3 cities. During the train tour young people had the opportunity to learn more about the Maltese culture as they went past several historical sites.Following the train tour the participants visited Agenzija Zghazagh’s South Regional Centre situated in Birgu. During this visit the young participants had the time to participate in workshops faciliated by Eurodesk MT and EUPA.
The workshop promoted learning mobility opportunities both on a national and international level provided by Eurodesk targeting internships, studying and working abroad as well as volunteering. Whilst participating in a series of activities, young people were given reliable information on learning mobility and explor the ‘Eurodesk Opportunity Finder’ tool – a step forward for them to grow into active and independent citizens. Learning mobility experiences enable young people to acquire essential competences that contribute to their personal and socio-educational development and foster their active participation in society, thereby improving their employment prospects.