National Selections MEP Malta  15/01/2020
National Selections MEP Malta
It will be an all-female delegation that will represent Malta during MEP Stockholm next March.  National selections took place earlier this month only 6 weeks after the 51st international session of the Model European Parliament held in Malta last November. It now falls into the capable hands of the Swedish organisers - Viktor Rydberg Foundation and Demokratibygget to host the next international session between 7-14 March 2020 when 175 students in 10 committees will present resolutions related to the overarching theme ‘Sustainability, Development, Innovation’, and present them for approval to a General Assembly.
National selections consisted of 3 days intensive training in public speaking, debating and resolution writing to prepare participants for an international session. As it has always done in the past, Agenzija Zghazagh will continue to support the successful applicants - Mariah Zammit, Chloe Cauchi, Julia Cappitta, Elena Attard and Laura Chianese by offering additional pre-departure training and subsiding their travel costs.