Sarah goes to Tokyo  11/08/2017
Sarah goes to Tokyo

As the winner of Agenzija Zghazagh’s Divergent Thinkers 2016, Sarah Maria Scicluna is currently in Japan for a one month internship and exhibition at Youkobo Art Space – Tokyo. Below is an excerpt from her blog written upon her arrival:

1st Day – What It’s Like To Be Illiterate

Today I went to buy basic amenities from the supermarket. Basically, I couldn’t read anything so I was just picking things according to the picture or whether I like the packaging. There will be many surprises coming up when cooking!

This got me thinking, that this is probably the closest I’ll ever feel to being illiterate. In a country where I cannot read anything (except numbers as for some reason they’re always written in roman format), I’m still finding my way around. Perhaps, as a tourist you only really need numbers?
I also panicked a bit because roaming chargings through a european sim card are through the roof, and I feel like I’m not complete without my 4G on my side (especially google maps). I solved this by getting a new sim card, which is basically a data plan. Now i can record and upload images properly, which I need to for this project.




Kochijiji This is basically a train station where there’s a lot of shops. Some really good restaurants. Also, I can’t sleep. I still haven’t adjusted to the timezone so I dont get sleepy (though admittedly this happens to me in any time zone).

Sarah Maria’s sojourn and work in Japan can be followed on her blog

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