WiN - Matthew Schembri's first solo exhibition  05/04/2018
WiN - Matthew Schembri's first solo exhibition

Emerging from the collective to the individual

When Matthew Schembri participated in Agenzija Zghazagh's collective art exhibition - Divergent Thinkers in 2015 and won it, one of his prizes was the opportunity to present a solo art exhibition. Hosted at Spazju Kreattiv until 22nd April 2018, WiN is a poignant installation that is inspired mainly by the passing away of Matthew's mother in 2015.

It transposes the concept of the lottery with a personal and human experience: the loss of his mother, Rose Schembri (1958 - 2015) and is intended to honour her legacy and the relationship between mother and son in an artistic and innovative way. Concurrently, the artist seeks to mark this vital moment of his life in his artistic practice, seeking further healing through this art exhibition.

All this and much more and can be viewed at


during these times:

Mondays (09:00-17:00)
Tuesday to Friday (09:00-21:00)
Saturday & Sunday (10:00-21:00)

Spectators are presented with a number of keys and are encouraged to try to open the fifty-seven (57) wooden boxes installed in the space – each holding an item that belonged to the artist’s late mother. The number of personal belongings placed in the boxes – fifty-seven (57) is not a casual number. On the contrary, it opens up to a personal and moving experience of the artist’s loss. Fifty-seven (57) was the age of his mother when she passed away. Moreover, the number opens up to a directive and immersive relation with the works of art.

Not only does WiN celebrate the legacy of Matthew's late mother, but also that of Divergent Thinkers, in its promise of giving young artists the opportunity to emerge from the collective to the individual.