Sustainable Development activity at MCAST Youth Hub  26/04/2018
Sustainable Development activity at MCAST Youth Hub

On 12th April 2018, the youth workers team of Aġenzija Żgħażagħ at MCAST Paola organized a workshop about sustainable development at the MCAST-Engineering & Transport, Building & Construction.

The session started with a couple of energizers to get to know the young people present at the session. Apart from name games there was also a story game where in the participants had to take an object form a bag and invent a sentence linked to the object taken. This exercise had the aim to stimulate the creativity of the participants for the next exercise which was climax of the session--To plan an ideal village based on Sustainable development.

The participants where shown a short video depicting the importance of sustainable development and how one can be more aware about its implementation. Then the participants were divided into three groups to work on three separate villages. They were provided with three separate maps on which they had to draw, and plan their imaginative village. Moreover, to help them to be more creative we provided them with various cut outs which they could stick with glue to the map.

At the end of this session we evaluated each map designed and asked a foreign student doing the placement present at the session to take the part of a tourist who would decide which place should be chosen as an ideal holiday place.


Each group presented their village and described why they designed it in such a manner. The team member acting as a tourist then chose its ideal holiday place. Here we discussed the choice and gave feedback to each group about their village and explaining why certain planning might have been different in order to keep sustainable development. Some parts of the discussion also discussed how each participant can contribute to sustainable development and not be helpless in today’s consumeristic society.