Student Council Forum at Gozo College  07/05/2018
Student Council Forum at Gozo College


On 03rd May 2018, a Student Council Forum was organised for all secondary schools, these include: the Gozo College Middle and Secondary school and also the secondary church schools in Gozo these are; the Conservatory (Girls school) and the Seminary school (Boys school). This idea originated by the Gozo College Principal and was organised by the Youth Worker from Aġenzija Zgħazagħ.

Student councillors were requested to prepare a short presentation which represents their work throughout the scholastic year. They showed their work either through a PowerPoint presentation, or a short talk about the activities done at their school.

By the end of the presentation, student councillors were invited to choose an activity that they thought it was a success at their school and explain step by step how they managed through preparations and the activity per se.

After all presentations, students were involved in a workshop, where it gave the students the opportunity to share different experiences, ideas and possibility of an activity that they can do together as a student council. To close the activity, an evaluation was carried out and students were also presented with a certificate of participation by the Gozo College Principal.