Theme of the day with AZ@K  21/06/2018
Theme of the day with AZ@K

AZ@K in June explored social issues with a 'Theme of the Day' to raise awareness towards living better and healthier.

World Environment Day 05th June 2018

On Tuesdays, the AŻ@K Youth Cafe’, normally organises cooking sessions. Since on that day, it was World Environment Day, after the cooking session the young people were invited in a workshop organised by the Youth Worker to raise awareness on the Environement.
Firstly, young people were asked what they understand by the term environment. After a discusssion defining the term, we young people discussed its importance together with measures that can be taken within the Youth Cafe such as seperating better the waste and putting more effort to recycle more waste.

Superman Day 12th June 2018

On this day a scavenger hunt was organised. Skills, strengths and positive attitudes were written on small pieces of papers and were hidden within the Youth Cafe’.Young people had to find these skills. Some of the skills were double on purpose so that if need be they can trade certain skills with each other. Following the scavenger hunt, there was a discussion on whether the young people were aware of these skills, whether they have them and why are these important, along other processing points.