Upcoming Youth Exchange: Conservation of Water  13/07/2018
Upcoming Youth Exchange: Conservation of Water

Another useful experience was that of the 5th till the 7th of July in Estonia. A Youth Worker together with a young person, both from AŻ@K, participated in an Advanced Planning Visit (APV). The main aim of an APV serves as a meeting before the exchange so that the Youth Workers build a good relationship with each other, get oriented with accomodations and places to be used and discuss the main theme and programme.

The main theme will be conservation of water. Malta, Estonia, Poland and Ireland will be the countries participating in this exchange between the 5th and 12 of August 2018 in Estonia. The young person stated that he was glad with the opportunity, enjoyed it and learnt from it and looks forward for the exchange.

The Youth Worker also appreciated the opportunity whilst took it as a learning experience so that the young people can benefit in the best way possible in a months time. Activities like these always help the Youth Workers and young people to build relationships between them whilst appreciating the opportunities themselves and also Aġenzija Żgħażagħ.