From MYFF to NUFF  20/07/2018

After winning the Malta Youth Film Festival, Bruce Micallef Eynaud travelled to Tromso to take part in the Nordic Youth Film Festival. This is what he had to say of his experience:

I feel very fortunate writing about my experience in Tromso, Norway. It came about thanks to a short film I directed and co-wrote, as part of my MA in Film Studies and produced by the University, winning the top prize at the Malta Youth Film Festival, which included a cash prize and an all inclusive trip to the NUFF film festival, a filmmaking workshop for filmmakers under 26.

I was very proud to accept the prize on behalf of my University team. ‘Sunday’, the winning short, was very much a group effort and I must thank my cinematographer and co-writer, Rodney Gauci, Art Director Alan Fenech, Sound Recorder and Music supervisor Jeanelle Vella and producer Ray Vassallo, as well and Mentor Antonio Piazza ( co-director of Sicilian Ghost Story) Gloria Lauri Lucente and the MA Film Studies department.


Tromso is an island-town in the very north of Norway, above the Arctic circle. I was very excited to see this part of the world, and experience the midnight sun. I must say, it was rather surreal at first, arriving at the hotel in the middle of the night, with the sun still out, but I soon got used to it.

The workshop was great fun. We were sorted into groups of around 7 members each, with a tutor assigned to each group. Our tutor was the lovely Mari e-Stephane Cattaneo, a French director and actress. In the span on 5 days each group needed to produce a short film, from scratch. We brainstormed ideas on the first day, and decided to make a film about communication over the Internet, showing the comfort we feel talking online, in contrast with awkwardness of talking in person.

I had a blast making the film. At the end all the shorts were screened at a beautiful old cinema. It was very rewarding to hear the audience react with so much enthusiasm to our little comedy, and the other films were very inspiring in the quality they displayed. It made it clear to me how much can be achieved in a short amount of time, and with relatively no budget, if people work together as a group. Teamwork, in filmmaking, is everything.

After the workshop had concluded, the Norwegian Youth Film Festival began, screening short films submitted from all over the world made by young filmmakers.

Coming back home was a bittersweet experience.. I could have happily spent another month up there. But the trip got me stimulated to make more short films and hopefully I will return as a participant again. I want to say a huge thank you to Agenzija Zghazagh for making this possible. It is not the first time they give me an incredible opportunity. I had previously won a contest to be a jury member at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain, which was fabulous. I recommend that all young people from Malta look at the opportunities that Agenzija Zghazagh provide, and subscribe to their newsletter, which is how I found out about the Malta Youth Film Festival.

Thank you Aġenzija Zgħazagħ, The Malta Film Foundation, the University of Malta and the team behind 'Sunday'. I feel extremely privileged and grateful for this opportunity.