Water conservation experience  28/08/2018
Water conservation experience

One of the projects that AŻ@K worked on in summer was the youth exchange that happened in Estonia in August. This project is a follow up of the two previous exchanges in Ireland and Malta. The main theme was to educate young people on conservation of water. 30 young people participated in this experience, 7 being Maltese forming part of AŻ@K and the rest came from Poland, Ireland and Estonia.

Information was gathered beforehand on the water situations in different countries to discuss challenges and solutions. Young people got to visit the water plant treatment of Tartu Estonia to understand and compare processes. As part of the project, day after day young people had the task to plan how to promote the conservation of water in a camp at Remniku Estonia, where there were kids with different social backgrounds. This was done through videos, workbooks, workshops and games. In the evenings, young people got the opportunity to appreciate each other’s cultures in terms of information, dances, games and food.

Young people forming part of AŻ@K, did a very good job both beforehand in the preparation and even while they were there. They planned everything themselves with support from you workers and actually delivered the tasks themselves. Young people stated that experiences like these help them to grow, be more confident, and get to know your strengths and weakness while getting out of their comfort zone. Others commented that they appreciated friendships more.

These are unique experiences which give an opportunity to the young people to express themselves in a different environment. For more information, once can visit AZ at Kottonera Youth Café.