The AZ@Kottonera Summer Programme 2018  28/08/2018
The AZ@Kottonera Summer Programme 2018

AŻ@K continued its work by introducing 4 projects within its summer program; XSEED, Filming, Dance and Voluntary work. XSEED, Filming and Dance programs are being held every Monday while the Voluntary work program is being held every Thursday. Around 45 young people attended these programs and they kept a very good level of consistency in terms of attendance.

XSEED Program by AŻ@K
One of the programs offered by AŻ@K for Summeris the XSEED Program. Its main aim is to motivate young people in terms of confidence and self-esteem. Through the process of increasing confidence, young people have the opportunity to discover their strengths, skills and abilities while working in a team. Week after week, young people were preented with a number of challnges so that they could be aware of their skills and abilities.

Dance Project by VLT18
AŻ@K collaborated with VLT 18 in order to provide space for young people to practice a specific choreography. Once again, a level of consistency was noticed and young people are always eager to practice the choreography from one week to another.

Filming Program
The third program offered by AŻ@K is aimed at giving the young people an experience of how to plan and make an actual film of an amount of minutes. Different type of camera shots were explained, exercises and brainstorming of ideas were also implemented and the group of young people is in the process of taking shots for the short film.

Having 45 young people dedicating an amount of time in AŻ@K projects, coming up with a number of ideas and activities is somethng that greatly satisfies the youth workers. The Summer Project will come to an end in the last week of August but young people are already suggesting ideas for the Winter Program. Once can visit our facebook Page AZ at Kottonera Youth Cafe for more information.