POLIFEST - International Youth Day  28/08/2018
POLIFEST - International Youth Day

It was only fitting that International Youth Day would serve as the date of the launch and first session of POLIFEST. 3 pillars, 12 sessions, 12 themes, 10 core youth leaders, 1 survey and an open invitation to young people and youth organisations to be present to make their voices heard.

All this and more is POLIFEST - an Erasmus+ KA3 project which will provide spaces and opportunities for structured dialogue between young people and policy makers. Safe spaces for Young People was the theme chosen for the first session to enable young people to come up with their proposals and guiding principles when designing policy for young people. Hon. Clifton Grima - Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organisations and the head of Agenzija Zghazagh were present to listen to and receive the young people's initial proposals on the day's theme.

These proposals were presented on behalf of each workshop by the core youth leaders especially appointed for this project. A big thank you goes to all the young people and organisations present. The second session will be taking place in September.