Youth work IMPACTS Europe  03/10/2018
Youth work IMPACTS Europe

The 2nd European Peer Learning Conference

Agenizija Żgħażagħ participated in the 2nd European Peer Learning Conference which was held at the ended of September in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More than 70 people took part in Youth work IMPACTS Europe, including project partners, youth workers and young migrants. This conference aimed at solidifying the recommendations how youth work can be a driving force in supporting young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (YMRA).  

During the conference, a number of NGOs shared good practices. One of the NGOs was Spark 15, a Maltese youth led NGO which is a support network for YRMA in Malta. Another interesting project was from Sweden, which focuses on sex education and rights online. These presentations fuelled the round table discussions of how youth work can support YMRA in settling down in the different European countries and becoming part of it.



Dr Anica MiKus Kos, an immigrant herself gave an inspiring presentation and reminded all those present that “the most important thing in providing support is humanity not only training techniques or training”


A positive take away from the conference is that there is a lot happening on the topic and now the challenge is to upscale and maximise the work done at policy level. The BpE project, through the National Agencies, will present the policy how youth work can affect YMRA, to the European Union institutions. In Malta, EUPA will be networking with local NGOs and institutions to develop strategies how youth work can have a positive impact on young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.   

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