Maximising Impact Programme  27/02/2019
Maximising Impact Programme


Every year EYCA organises a two-day seminar exclusively dedicated to member organisations. Agenzija Zghazagh being  a full member of this organisation was granted the opportunity to attend this seminar to improve its knowledge to provide a better service to the young people. EYCA, who takes much into consideration requests from it’s members and young people developed the Maximising Impact Seminar – ‘Common resources and good practices: sharing experiences and learning from experts.’






The maximising impact seminar held in Brussels addressed core issues and covered different topics related to various working methods that relate to communicating over social media , understanding better the EYCA legal framework and how one can effectively work with municipalities and public authorities. Not only did the participants have the space to explore in depth these topics, member organisations were granted time to discuss with representatives from eVect & Bubble , Jamhot and Chase , Steiner & Associates particular concerns which relate to enhancing the services for young people through EYCA.