Ramps Refurbished  06/03/2019
Ramps Refurbished

AZ@K Bicycle Ramps refurbished ...

After years of frequent usage, the bike ramps at AZ@K YouthCafé Fortini were in a bad shape. So the young people together with the youth workers decided to rebuild the skate park.


The existing ramps were dismantled and by referring to different plans from the internet, they measured and started rebuilding new ones, which were then cut out and coated with primer and undercoat to make them weather proof again. For this project, the young people came in their free time over the period of several weeks and learned in the process to use different tools, like a jigsaw and a drill and to work as a team.

The new ramps have been greatly appreciated by the youth of AZ@K and should hold for the following years. Some of the young people already asked to have a bicycle competition in the coming weeks. A big thanks to Daniel, the intern from Germany, who took on this challenge and completed it with them.