Celebrating Democracy  12/03/2019
Celebrating Democracy


Pillar 2—Celebrating Democracy —Session 3

09th March 2019
Victoria Hotel –Sliema

The aim of the event Polifest is to sustain a solid body of discussion of young people with policy makers, which will directly feed in the mid-term review of the National Youth Policy Towards 2020. Linking with the UN International Day for Voluntary Organisations, the focus of the workshops and debate was ‘Let’s Get Organised’, and therefore centring on the activities and participation in youth organisations, with emphasis on structures for capacity building of youth organisations. Youth organisations particularly discussed their contribution to democracy, the Value of organisations as spaces for participation and active citizenship, empowerment, diversity and inclusion; value of capacity building of the organisations and measures for capacity building of organisations.

Young people from AISEC, ACT, Gifra, CCIF, Cospicua Girl Guides, YMCA, Sliema Scouts, JCI Malta, River of Love: Nations for Christ Youth, 1st Birkirkara Scout Group, Marsaskala Youths, Dyslexia Teens Dialogue, National Scout Youth Council, Zabbar Scout Group, Salesian Oratory Sliema, Church Schools Children’s Fund, EFRU and Dingli Scouts participated in the discussions and ensuing debates. They also drew on the challenges identified by young people in previous workshops discussing Youth Organisations as Tools for Democracy to present recommendations to a panel of policy makers and experts represented by Mr Roderick Agius (Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations), Dr Noel Camilleri (Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector) and Ms Miriam Teuma (Agenzija Zghazagh CEO).

Hon. Clifton Grima, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organisations was also present to encourage such initiatives reaching out to youth organisations which he considers as an important space for the growth and development of young people and should therefore be supported to sustain their reach of young people and further impact on the community.

Polifest is a KA3 Erasmus+ funded project which presents 12 meetings of young people with policy makers featuring discussions on democracy and representation of young people as well as aspects and issues relating with their lives. By the end of the project a number of formal recommendations will be developed and presented to policy makers through the contribution of the different young people contributing to these discussions. The event of the 9th March was linked with the celebration of Democracy and in particular with the contribution of young people in voluntary organisations to the democratic process.