Polifest @ Gozo  02/04/2019
Polifest @ Gozo


For its 8th session, Polifest convened in Gozo.  On the agenda, remembering the UN International Day of Happiness and the formulation of a set of recommendations to be presented to policy makers based on themes arising from previous Polifest workshops.  The United Nations deems happiness a fundamental human goal that necessitates an inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth to promote the happiness and well-being of all.  It was inevitable that during the workshops that focused mainly on inclusion, access, empowerment and participation, the young people present who were all students at MCAST – Gozo, fervently discussed those issues closest to their realities as young people living in a geographically disadvantaged region.  The positive outcomes of this Gozitan lap, will now be added to the contributions of the other workshops from this pillar so as to present a final recommendation later on this year. Polifest is a KA3 Erasmus+ funded project.