Coaching the Learning Process for Volunteers – Mollina (Spain)  22/04/2019
Coaching the Learning Process for Volunteers – Mollina (Spain)

This training provided space for the participants to explore, discover and understand how one's learning process works. A total of 6 days, which were jam packed with activities that enabled the participants including one of our youth workers to immerse in different learning approaches leading to self reflective excersises. 

Through different means and techniques, which might not always comes to one's mind such as 'theatre of the oppressed' encouraged the participants to look beyong what meets the eye. More over participants were somehow always put on to test that resulted in coming face to face with reality and things which go un noticed. 

Mollina did not just provide the participants fantastic views and good food; it hosted the space where one could experience a learning curve in various ways be it challenging your native language, exploring digital, social and civic competences.

Nonetheless a strong network has been developed which will put at the forefront youth initiatives and opportunities.