S.H.A.M  06/05/2019

The second part of S.H.A.M an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange organised by Youth.inc, Agenzija Zghazagh was a 6 days project full of activities which took place in Tortona in the southern part of the region Piemonte, in the Province of Alessandria, Italy with the La Fenice organisation, between the 23rd and the 30th May 2019.

12 Maltese and12 Italians young people and 5 leaders, came together to informally experience indoors and outdoors workshops and activities on Youth Space, Mental Health and Wellbeing. The workshops and activities revolved around the importance of Wellbeing and its different aspects: physically, mentally and socially, the Wellbeing that reinforces the sense of health as a positive concept, as a state of wellness. The young people had the opportunity to integrate and share different aspects of Wellbeing in the way young people live both in Malta and Italy.

The daily reflection space was another opportunity for all the young people to share their learning daily outcomes and they also had the opportunity to show off their presentation skills.  Through the free time and the informal evenings at the youth centre the young people also had the opportunity to learn both Maltese, Italian and the English language and further more they gained insight on both cultures through the Intercultural organised evenings which were organised in a competitive, enjoyable hilarious way.