BiTriMulti Training Course  26/06/2019
BiTriMulti Training Course

The BiTriMulti training course in Villers-Ste-Gertrude, Belgium provided youth workers from Agenzija Zghazagh an opportunity to learn how to design and deliver quality youth exchanges within Erasmus+: Youth in Action and Youth Pass.

The training consisted of information sessions, workshops, discussions and activities, which enhanced the participant's knowledge, skills and attitude needed for such projects. The training, which was constantly providing hands-on experience, included a simulation exercise which give the whole picture to create and apply for a youth exchange project with other partners.


BiTriMulti wasn't just a learning experience for the participants but it served as a platform for potential partners from different countries to meet and start networking. Apart from this, meeting with professionals and youth workers from different countries enabled youth workers to grow more professionally and enhanced my knowledge about different cultures, youth entities and organizations in different countries.